30 May 2017

Half-term Tuesday 30 May 2017; Runswick Bay today.

A great day for rockpooling, low tide is at 1427. Head beyond the sand towards Kettleness and you come across an area of flat, hard shale with lots of rockpools:
 Check out how the species of seaweed change from the top of the beach to the waterline; the dominant green algae (Ulva lactuca) is replaced by saw wrack (Fucus serratus). At this time of year you'll see lots of anemones like this:

The tentacles have stinging cells (nematocysts) for paralysing small creatures which they then drag into the mouth. If they're surprised anemones withdraw the tentacles and hunker down to look like a red blob.

If your kids are paddling at low tide make sure they have something on their feet; this is where weeverfish lurk. They hide in the sand with venomous spines sticking up and a sting in the foot is painful. The remedy is to soak the sting in hot water. If you see anyone in difficulyy in the sea, on the beach or cliffs dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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