7 Apr 2017

Visiting Runswick Bay this Easter

High tides for the first week of the Easter Holidays:
Friday 7th April 1425
Saturday 8th April 0303 and 1517
Sunday 9th April 0348 and 1600
Monday 10th April 0427 and 1639
Tuesday 11th April 0502 and 1715
Wednesday 12 April 0535 and 1749
Thursday 13th April 0607 and 1823

Those times are great for families wanting to spend the day on the beach, but be careful especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when the spring tides mean that the tide will rise quickly.

Also please don't go too close to the cliffs; there has been one big cliff fall towards Kettleness:

There is more at risk of coming down here and please don't go rooting in the rockfall for fossils; the fossils from this kind of shale are so flattened and mineralized they can't be extracted from the rock. There have been several minor ones along the length of the cliffs. The cliff around the Hob Holes (the four caves) are also heavily cracked, at risk of collapse and should be avoided. Don't let you kids go in the caves no matter how tempting they seem:

Other than that, enjoy Easter on Runswick Beach. We've been having some interesting things wash up, like this colourful sea urchin (photo by Elke McGrath):

And if you do see anyone in danger on the cliffs, the beach or in the sea call 999 and ask for the Coastguard as well as any other emergency services. If you can't get a phone signal the staff at Sandside Cafe will contact the emergency services.

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