22 Dec 2016

Visiting Runswick Bay this Christmas? Tides and weather.

First of all, Happy Christmas to readers of this blog; posts have been light for the last six months, but we'll be remedying that in the new year.

If you're visiting Runswick over the Christmas holiday, watch out for nasty weather with high winds forecast on Friday (around midday, gusts as high as 53 mph forecast) and Christmas day (40 mph winds from 6am to 3pm). Be careful if you're walking on the Cleveland Way; you only want the cobwebs blown away, not yourself.

Thursday 22 Dec. High water 2257 (4.7m)
Friday 23 Dec.      High water 1144 (4.5m)
Saturday 25 Dec.  High water 0005 (4.7m) and 1245 (4.6m)
Sunday 26 Dec.    High water 0106 (4.7m) and 1337 (4.8m)

If during your Christmas walks you see anyone in trouble on the beach or cliffs (fallen, health problems, cut off) call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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