17 May 2016

Apologies for the radio silence...

going to the beach sampling, collecting and measuring is hard when you're coughing like a romantic poet dying of consumption. The lurgi (for amateur epidemiologists amongst my readers the local GP said that this winter flu epidemic came late and was an absolute stinker - the worst he had seen in his 25 years of doctoring) seems to have passed so I'll be back on the beach and posting regularly.

In the meantime do occupy yourself with some entertaining reading: the North York Moors National Park blog is a good read, they're up to G in their A to Z of the park so if you're interested in the Gardens, Geology and Goths of the Moors, pop over and have a look.

Capturing our coast is a wonderful initiative. If you haven't yet, go, read and if you can spare the time get involved in this wonderful citizen science project. We're an island and we should know and care more about our coasts and seas.

And if you haven't discovered it yet, off you go to Richard Carter's Nature Writing flipboard.

Until the new posts start flowing, have a whalestone, a concretion from the cliff about 1.5 metres across:

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