8 Mar 2016

A quick beach walk for Fossil Friday on twitter.

With lots of people tweeting their favourite fossils last Friday I thought I'd do a quick beach walk and photograph everything I saw. The tide gave me 35 minutes. Here's what the mudstone cliffs gave me. First Runswick Bay when I started:
The first thing I saw was a heavily wrecked ammonite fragment.
That's better. Arnioceras semicostatum I think. 
Back to much-mangled ammonites.

A belemnite guard, end on (or transverse section, as they say in scientific circles).

 Hard to ID bivalve counterpart (centre left) maybe Pseudopecten equivalvis and three Nuculana ovum.

A couple of Dactyloceras commune. No fossil walk near Whitby would be complete without a Dact or two. 

No idea. All suggestions welcome.
Pleuromya, three Nuculana and a fragment of a belemnite guard.

Fragment of ammonite counterpart.

Very weathered ammonite, not much to identify it from but I'm having a stab at Oxynoticeras oxynotum.

Small, smashed and pyritized Pseudomytiloides.

An ammonite in a nodule.

Another ammonite in a nodule.

More ammonites; part and weathered counterpart.

Not another ammonite!

Four more bivalves.

And just when you thought you were done with ammonites, I found a fossil collector's midden. These guys didn't make someone's cut.

The tide was flooding fast, the Bay had clouded over by the time I left.

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