19 Oct 2015

Mactromya cardidoides (I think) and dead mermaids.

A quick morning toddle along the beach. The tide had stripped the sand back and here's the pick of the day's fossil finds:
 Left, Gryphaea and right Mactromya cardidoides. That's my best guess, as the fossil has obviously been rumbled around in the shingle for many years and it's heavily worn. The photo-bombing ammonite is obviously not a bivavle, it's an improvised paperweight.

Side view of Mactromya with 10p for scale...

The Bay was looking rather splendid today....

And the ebbing tide left the smooth sand covered in foam that glittered with many colours in the warm autumn sun:
There was a lot of foam. There must be some bad sea-sonal flu going on down there, killing mermaids left and right. You don't get this stuff in Nature. And the foam is deliberately out of focus. It's art.

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