14 Sep 2015

Ammonite fossil in jet...

Had a couple of nice jet finds recently. The glossy black ones are high-grade jet, 4 cm wide. The larger piece is lower-grade stuff:
 Until you turn it over and see a very pleasant surprise. Two ammonites.
 Closer look..
Being a black fossil on a black background made it hard to get the ammonites to stand out so I did a bit of tinkering with the image; it's made the jet look greyer than in real life, but it's definitely jet. Jet is the compressed, fossilized wood of trees related to modern monkey-puzzle trees (Araucaria sp.). the thick seams hereabouts suggest that large forests were inundated by the sea, the trees then entombed and fossilized in the seabed, with the odd ammonite dying and coming to rest on a trunk before it was covered.

Or a couple of ammonites were swimming in the shallows when a money puzzle tree fell on them and killed them. Which would be jolly Jurassically unlucky.

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