12 Aug 2015

If you like people writing about natural history

(and you should, if you have a soul) you must go and visit Nature Writing by Richard Carter. He is doing the legwork for you, collecting and presenting some finest kind writing about the natural world around the web.

What, are you still here?

1 comment:

Richard Carter said...

Thank you for the plug, Peter. Kindly award yourself 5 points.

Your readers might also like to know that there is also a Nature Writing Facebook page, which shares more or less all the same links. The main difference is that the Flipboard links all tend to appear in one fell swoop each week (usually on a Saturday), whereas the Facebook links are spread out over the following week. There are technical and logistical reasons for these differences, but I won't bore you with them.

(Actually, no, make that 10 points.)