28 Jul 2015

Runswick seagulls not behaving badly.

Seagulls were very much in the news in the news last week. One delinquent attacked and killed a tortoise, another savaged a small dog and a third pecked someone on the head in an attack, the victim said, reminiscent of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. The Prime Minister was even moved to comment on the seagull menace. Then, no doubt motivated by the purest intentions, a photographer bought a cone of chips, set up his tripod on Whitby's West Pier and stood still, camera clicking away as seagulls tried to nick his chips. Lo and behold they did!

He was hit in the face by a wing. The results made the national press and fed the current seagull hysteria - I am sure that nations where people are habitually killed by hippopotomus (more deadly than you might think), poisonous snakes, venomous spiders, malaria, hookworm, bears and tigers are looking on with concern. My wife (who blogs rather beautifully here) went to try out The Magpie Cafe's takeaway a couple of years ago...

...and found herself similarly at the centre of seagull attention, with one in particular trying to hypnotize her into handing over the fish:
It seems Whitby's gulls are a contumelious bunch:

So here are some seagulls that are not letting the species side down. While Whitby gulls monster a photographer their rural cousins on Runswick beach were doing what gulls do best. Gliding over the waves.
 And messing around on the beach.

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