13 Jul 2015

Runswick kayak and paddleboard hire: now you can see Runswick from the sea.

Having been walking, fossiling, collecting, observing and generally loving Runswick Bay for about 25 years, I've always thought it a practically perfect place (the Sunday Times agrees, listing Runswick as one of the top 20 wild places to live in Britain). The one thing missing? Some way for people to take to the water on a whim, without all the hassle of boat ownership, trailers etc. etc.

Well, Runswick just got better as now you can hire kayaks and paddleboards right off the beach from Andy at Barefoot Kayak. Yesterday morning under bright sun and with the Bay mirror-calm we took a double kayak out for a trial paddle, the youngest field assistant sitting between us. You can rock up, get fitted out with a buoyancy aid and off you go; under the keen and experienced eye of Andy Monaghan, a former head of outdoor education for a neighbouring county. He really knows his paddling stuff. Below, two of Andy's kayaks heading out to sea on Sunday.

The youngest field assistant was very impressed with our two-and-half-seater.

If you've come here in search of natural history, have some washed-up Laminaria hypoborea:

We had a couple of days of northerly winds last week and a lot of seaweed was torn up and washed ashore:

L. hypoborea lives at the very low tide mark and below, it's fronds are exposed towards Kettleness at low tide, and it is the bane of Runswick Bay Rescue Boat, fouling its propellor during inshore work. The things breaking the surface at low tide last Monday are exposed L. hypoborea:

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