17 Apr 2015

A seal!

The Bay yesterday. The view was lovely. I was rather envious of the crew on the yacht spending the night at anchor in our lovely bay.

Then I spotted something out of place; a strange new shape on Dabdike Rocks, which the men of Runswick Rescue Boat call Star Island.

It was a seal (Phocas sp), hauled out on the highest of the Dabdike Rocks.

Seals are intermittent visitors here. They occasionally pop up around our boat during Runswick Bay Rescue Boat training, and the occasional exhausted pup will haul out on the beach to recover after a winter storm with an anxious mother seal keeping an eye from the sea. I was in my Rescue Boat drysuit and could have waded out to get closer for better pics, but didn't want to spook it into flopping off the rock and swimming away. To see a larger colony of seals, head for Ravenscar on the far side of Robin Hoods Bay where a goodly colony of seals haul out at low tide.

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