3 Feb 2015

Sea view from Staithes.

Occasionally the next door beaches issue invitations to Runswick Bay so today I popped over to Staithes at low tide. The beach between Staithes and Port Mulgrave is a real, wave-lashed high energy beach made up of hard Jurassic jet rock and Staithes sandstone. The only things that can live under these conditions are small; barnacles, limpets, flustra and encrusting red algae. Even the shellfish adapted to defying breakers seemed to favour huddling in sheltered spots. More of my blue-fingered walk between Old Nab and Penny Nab, Staithes in a post later but for now, here's the sea today looking towards Runswick. Once upon a legend, a young man called James Cook - then a shopboy in Staithes - probably looked out at this very scene, with winds every bit as face numbing and waves every bit as violent and thought, 'By Jove, that looks fun! I'd love to spend the rest of my life sailing on that.'

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