14 Dec 2014

The effect of the recent explosive cyclogenesis on Runswick Bay.

Very little, really. The winds were predominantly South Westerly, Runswick Bay faces due North and the cliffs create a wind shadow so the Bay itself was pretty calm.

The effect off Sandsend (Whitby piers in the background) was more pronounced, with the wind tearing the crests off waves:

Explosive cyclogenesis happens when a low pressure area deepens by 24 millibars over a 24 hour period, making the circulating winds more powerful. Meteorologists' shorthand for such a system is a 'bomb', something gleefully seized upon by the media last week. We need some Northerly gales to send in a couple of days of large waves, tear up the seabed, strip away sand and bring down some cliff falls. That's when things get interesting around here.


Richard Carter said...

Nice shots, Peter!

Peter McGrath said...

Well I regard that as a compliment from the photographic master.