8 Dec 2014

In the Yorkshire Post tomorrow...

I'm writing about dinosaurs. So here's a Tyrannosaurus rex to cheer up your Monday.

T. rex, a Cretaceous dinosaur was the poster-dino front-cover skull on the original Jurassic Park book and in the film adorned the gate to the ill-fated park. Runswick, having Jurassic geology didn't see any of these creatures but there is evidence of large, bipedal predators stalking what has become the Yorkshire coast in the late Jurassic. The sandstone rocks hereabouts are the remains of a delta (where a river spills out across the coastal plain) and fossilized trackways with the footprints of large two legged carnivores have been found between Ravenscar and Scarborough. They were probably Ceratosaurs, more of which from Brian Switek on Smithsonian.com.

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