10 Nov 2014

Runswick blogger in the Yorkshire Post on Wednesday...

with a feature on herring pie. In September we took a wander to the neighbouring village of Staithes for their Festival of Arts and Heritage, and there the field assistants each pestered me out of £2 for a herring pie. The North Sea used to teem with herring, and herring pie used to be a Yorkshire coast staple, making use of the 'silver darlings', Clupeidae harengus that would come ashore by the million, caught by herring drifters. The pies were delicious, the story behind their resurrection is intriguing and much though I dislike the phrase 'superfood' herring is pretty much up there; loads of omega 3, vitamin B12 and magnesium, all of which are sadly lacking in modern diets and metabolisms.

So get your Yorkshire Post on Wednesday.

Above: Ted Gush, resurrector of the herring pie and all round good chap, with a ceramic herring (courtesy of local artist Rex Aldred) and real herring pie at Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage 2014. Staithes, for those of you not lucky enough to live hereabouts, is the next village up the coast from Runswick Bay. It boasts Captain James Cook as one of its former residents, it inspired the 19th century Staithes School of painters (it is an insanely beautiful village) and has the wonderful Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage each year. 

More of Staithes in a later post; while it's not strictly Runswick Bay, it's not often you go fishing with a man who shared his office with a coelacanth.

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