6 Nov 2014

Four years of erosion.

Boulder clay cliffs 2010:

Boulder clay cliffs 2014:

A lot of the cliff has been washed away or has slumped onto the beach on the last four years. One victim of the erosion was an abandoned beach hut (the undercliff here has a dozen or so scattered through the scrub) that was demolished and removed by the Council before it fell onto the beach. Two more look likely to succumb in the next 12 months despite the best efforts of the owners to reinforce the cliffs with DIY rock armour. The cliffs here are boulder clay, deposited in the last ice age and wave erosion at the base of the cliff is only part of the erosion problem; the clay is prone slippage. It goes through a cycle of drying and cracking in summer then in wet weather water building up in the cracks and causing chunks of the cliff to slide down to the beach, carrying grass, trees and, sadly for some, beach huts to a watery end.

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