20 Sep 2014

The autumn Bay yesterday.

Autumn, Keats 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' is here. Yesterday the mist thinned enough for us to see Kettleness on our lunchtime wander along the beach. It wasn't a naturalizing walk, we were just enjoying the beach and each other's company. The weather here has been calm; misty and still. But the beach already had signs of sea-autumn; slicks of pebbles where none had been all summer and a lot of seaweed (mostly Laminaria digitata) washed onto the sands at high water. It might be calm here thanks to a big high pressure area sitting off the west coast of Ireland, but elsewhere autumn winds are making waves that signal autumn as surely as the turning leaves on land.
At the west side of the Bay three cormorants watched the world swirl by from Ship Rock.
And finally the mellow fruitfulness; rosehips (Rosa canina) on a roadside bush just yards from the beach.

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