28 Sep 2014

Runswick Bay today

A quick visit to the beach to take the 'on call' flag down at the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat boat house. I was duty crew for the afternoon, fortunately no-one got blown out to sea on a lilo, fell off the cliffs or had their fishing boat's engine pack up, so we had a quiet afternoon. (If you've had a trip to Runswick Bay you may wish to consider donating to this fine independent rescue service. It costs about £15k a year to keep our rescue boat afloat.)

It's autumn. We should have northerly gales sending rollers ashore, tearing kelp from the seabed, scouring sand from the beach, shattering the cliffs and making fossils and jet cascade onto the beach...er, no. It was millpond-calm.

And when the sun broke through the clouds Kettleness looked like this...

No photoshop, no filters.

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