16 Mar 2014

The bay yesterday (view and the fossil haul).

Number One Field Assistant and I went on a fossil hunt yesterday and spent a pleasant hour rummaging through the wave-tumbled rocks and shingle at the foot of the mudstone cliffs. The winter has been stormy and a lot of shale has come down. Our friends over at Yorkshire Coast Trading patrol these beaches regularly and scoop up the nodules with pristine, iconic Dactyloceras ammonites inside, while we like what's left. Below, the day's haul. Belemnite fragments, a lone bivalve, ammonite fragments, a weathered ammonite counterpart, a stray piece of something like quartz and a few whole(ish) ammonites partially encased by hardened shale.

Below, the North Sea from Runswick Bay, yesterday evening. No photoshopping.

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