30 Apr 2013

Jurassic mudstone cliffs, fossils, seaweed and...

These collapsing cliffs are the site of the old village of Runswick, which, in 1682, fell into the bay. You can see from the piles of loose fragments at the foot of the cliff that this an unstable place to be. Don't play here: bits of shale rain down constantly and every now and again a sandstone boulder (and the occasional village) falls onto the beach:
The loose rock at the foot of the cliffs can be a rich source of fossils but they aren't in great shape. I go there so you don't have to. Here's a belemnite guard:

 And a badly weathered and cracked Hilderocas ammonite:

Further away from the cliffs, entombed in the harder shale are many Inoceramus. Here's one well preserved occupant of the graveyard in the centre with a very weathered specimen to the left:

And away from the dead, the living. The green seaweed Enteromorpha sp., which I haven't seen on this part of the beach in 20 years:

Meanwhile, the faithful blogdog has something to add...
Fossils? Schmossils. I found a stick. Throw the stick!

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