21 Sep 2012

A different view of the Bay...

Earlier this month I was out on Runswick Bay Rescue Boat doing our normal Sunday morning practice when we took a call from the coastguard: a fisherman had slipped on the rocks at Kettleness and was injured. Practice turned into a full-dress rescue with paramedics, coastguards and the RAF rescue helicopter from RAF Leconfield. Read all about the rescue in the Yorkshire Post feature here.

Fortunately there was a very good photographer on the beach and he took a series of superb pics of us stabilizing the casualty and the helicopter lift. This is the aftermath, the hot and tired paramedics, coastguards and Runswick Bay Rescue Boat crew members walking back to our boat after the casualty had been evacuated to James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough.

After the rescue, your Runswick Blogger far right. Thanks to Martin Bailey for the photo.

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat is entirely independent and crewed by volunteers. If, as a visitor, fossil collector, swimmer, sailor or beach rambler you get into difficulty in the Bay or on Kettleness, there's a good chance Runswick Rescue will be called out to give you a hand. Pop over to the RBRB website, and consider dobbing a few £ into our £15k a year running costs.

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