18 Dec 2011

Fucus serratus with Spirorbis spirorbis

Spirorbis are polychaete worms (the same class as lugworms, Arenicola marina) which live in these coiled shells. The body is a few milimetres long and on Runswick beach Sprirorbis are to be found on toothed wrack or bladder wrack. (Excellent photo by the Mrs.)


David S Johnson said...

My grand parents owned the Royal Hotel round about the turn of the century and my father "Jazzer Johnson" was born in it in 1910.
He wrote the book "The Nagars of Runswick Bay"
ISBN 0 9519952 0 0
I was brought up at the Bay,so many wonderful memories even though I am 67.
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David Johnson said...

Peter, the same comment as above except my e-mail should read bluajohnson@gmail.com regards David