12 Mar 2015

Kettleness in the snow (repost from 2010).

It was charming for a day and a pain in the teeth for the rest of the time. (Update 2015: no we haven't had a cold snap, this was originally from January 2010. I'm recycling old posts as I recover their images from backup CDs and scraps of vellum. It was 2010. The dark ages of digital imaging.)


Captain Shagrat said...

hey thats a really great picture but i'd have to agree its cool at first then snow justs hampers your day and you just wish it would go away

monty said...

have loved looking at the natural history pics. of Runswick bay. It is my favourite bay on north Yorks coast and although I can only visit twice a year at most , I love the walk along the shore line and then back to the cafe for a hot coffee and snack.Although a keen natural history buff I have never found any fish like the ones you show. Must try harder.