6 Oct 2010

Fishing line fouled laminaria holdfast.

Walking the Runswick strandline I see (and often pick up) a lot of lost fishing line. This Laminaria holdfast was fouled with thick monifilament line and made me wonder how long this line persists washing around the seabed.

Partial answer: at least long enough for this tubeworm to construct a burrow around one of the pieces of line.


Chris said...

Seeing these pictures brought to mind this Radio 4 programme broadcast today.


Chris W

Peter McGrath said...

Chris, I spent two hours walking the beach today. The amount of plastic rubbish was astonishing. And dispiriting.

Robbie said...

A lot of what washes up on the beach at Runswick doesn't come from there but is simply part of the gross amounts of general sh*t on our seas.
Fishing line though is left there by thoughtless beach fishermen who are there one night and then gone to the next fishing hot spot leaving all sorts of detritus behind.