8 Oct 2010

ANHORB's blog dog.

It's time to give a bark out to the reason for this blog's recent increase in posting. Meet Smiggy, my 6 year old stepson's dog and my constant companion on Runswick Bay beach.
A tri-color border collie of boundless energy from the wonderful Whitby Dog Rescue. He loves the beach, and especially Laminaria digitata with a passion that defies explanation.

ANHORB is not about to become a dog blog, but I felt it only right to give my companion a moment in the bloglight since he makes the whole thing even more fun.


Captain Shagrat said...

SMIGGY... what a lucky lad, you've landed on yer paws ere mate

Richard Carter, FCD said...

A dog? On the beach?!! Don't let the killjoys at Scarborough Council find out!