18 Mar 2015

Washed up Ray's bream (repost from 2010).

Thanks to Mike Sewell for the word that this is a Ray's Bream (Brama brama). Reports of other Ray's Bream strandings at here at glaucus.org.uk.

Don't forget our other exotic piscene find: the Runswick Bay Ratfish (Chimaera monstrosa).


Richard Carter, FCD said...

Just consulted my 1973 AA Book of the British Countryside (a classic). Black bream is the only fish depicted in Inshore Fish section which even vaguely resembles this little beauty. The strange upward-pointing angle of the side fin is just like in my book.

Doesn't the fish in the second photo look remarkably cross? Can't say I blame it.

Robbie said...

The Ray's Bream seems to have quite a bit of form for this sort of behaviour. www.worldseafishing.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52644

Anonymous said...

I found one of these on the beach a couple of months ago (still alive I might add) and managed to throw it back in.
Those spines aren't half rough on the hands.