21 Jan 2010

New fossil find: help needed.

The thing on the left is an ammonite (probably a young Hilderocas) but it's the object on the right that looks like a hunchbacked woodlouse that is new, and to me unknown. 9mm long, found in lower jurassic shale in a slab with lots of Hilderocas and Inoceramus. Any suggestions welcome.


Richard Carter, FCD said...

Please bear in mind that I don't know what I'm talking about...

Couldn't it be one of the same things side-on?

Kate said...

Could it be a sponge of some variety? I found a picture that looked a bit like that in my book, only problem, it was a Cretaceous sponge.
It's that groove that's intriguing - otherwise I would suggest the imprint from the insode of a shell of some sort.
Do let us know when you find out.