26 Jan 2010

Fulmars at the Hob Holes

Thanks to Andrew Darling for emailing these wonderful pics of the fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) that call the cliffs above the Hob Holes home:

These Runswick residents occasionally get territorial and swoop low over people walking on the beach. Fulmars have a very distinctive stiff-winged flight usually gliding close to the sea surface. Pics © Andrew Darling, please contact the photograpger for commercial reproduction rights.


Badger said...

Love your photos. Question: Can and does one Scuba Dive in a place like Runswick Bay?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Badger, although if you can't get the occasional good photo in a place like Runswick you really don't deserve a camera.

Diving: the North Sea is pretty murky and has strong tides. I don't dive but it is part of the plan so that I can survey the bay better. I'm told that the best time to dive around here is slack water at neap tides after a period of calm weather.

Badger said...

Diving the bay will give you a new perspective - it is a fabulous experience - although I must say that having experienced both cold an warm water diving - warm is better. I imagine in that area you will have a dry suit and be as snug as a bug.