21 Aug 2009

Ammonite in nodule.

The ammonite was showing through the edge of a hard nodule. I drilled the nodule around its edges using a masonry bit and cracked it open with a chisel. Much of the shell has been replaced by crystals.

Close up: note the clean shell spiral at the centre.


Anonymous said...

Nice find there, Peter, and a skilled operation revealing it.

I'd thought low waters were unusually low lately - over it Ryde it looks like you can walk all the way to Portsmouth on the sands exposed.

Good to see you posting again,

Anonymous said...

Tnanks Rob, nice to know I've been missed - been some domestic upheaval, I'm now living right at the top of Bank Top so should be able to get to the beach more often and get sciency on its ass as I promised last year. I'm also joining the Rescue Boat crew.