8 May 2009

Nodule north of Runswick Bay.

The shale is full of these inclusions. They're much harder than the surrounding rock. Crack some and you get lovely whole 3d ammonites (most around here and flattened and beyond recovery) , crack others and you get a crystralline interior that smells of oil. Try and crack others and you blunt your rock hammer and get a jarred arm.


Rambling Rob said...

Fascinating structures - looks like the barnacles like to move in on the exposed surfaces.

Peter McGrath said...

Dammit you are right. And the exposed surface face seaward and this is a very wave-lashed shore.

Anonymous said...

HOW ARE THESE NODULES FORMED? I always thought they were stones that were in the mud at the time of formation as they are so much harder than the surrounding rock. Was mystified as to why most of the decent ammonites I recovered at port mulgrave etcseemed to be in this harder type of rock. Is it really worth splitting these nodules if there is no external sign of a fossil?