19 Dec 2008

Oh good fossil site...

e-fossils, brought to you by Nev and Mark who occasionally visit Runswick (and have no doubt found some of the fine fat ammonites that should have been mine, but they clearly love their fossiling, so can be forgiven) so if you love fossils click over and have a look.

And if you're into jurassic fossils don't forget...

Latest strange shape in the rocks (probably a cycad frond).

Back end of a belemnite: the experts are baffled. UnID'd fossil counterpart.

Another jurassic fossil unknown
. Self explanatory.

Original and best pliosaur. One of those is just waiting for me to find.

I love blogs (jurassic fossil bivalve mollusc special edition). In which we celebrate the greatness that is help from more knowledgeable strangers over the internet.

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