19 Sep 2008

Tomorrow: love your beach (updated)

Saturday is International Coastal Cleanup Day so I shall join the fun by toddling off to Runswick beach and spend an hour or so picking up the worst of the rubbish. Photos of the haul:
The autumn tides have swept the beach petty clear, so it was a fairly rubbish-free beach, but in about half a mile of walking the hight tide line, I picked up about 10lb of it. Most of it fishing line.

Appreciative wave of the trash sack to The Oyster's Garter for alerting me to this. Next year I will organize a party of rubbish pickers and scour the beach clean, maybe have a 'do' afterwards with beer and buns. And if Scarborough Borough Council say I have to conduct a risk assessment and take out £5 million of public liability insurance, I will burn their offices down.

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