23 Sep 2008

Cliff erosion pics

September 2008



January to April was wet with above average rainfall: you can see the effect on the boulder clay cliffs. April to June has been very dry on this coast: the clay has been pretty well baked. August and September have been extremely wet months inland, but Runswick benefits from the rain-shadow on the Pennines and North Yorkshire Moors: there hasn't been as much heavyrain here as in the rest of Yorkshire and the North East, and rain induced erosion here was less than I'd anticipated over the last 3 months.


Anonymous said...

Writing as one who lives in the Pennines, I am very surprised indeed that any rain made it as far as Runswick Bay.

Karen James said...

Writing as one who has lived in the rain shadows of the mighty Rocky and Olympic Mountains, I am very surprised indeed that those topographical hiccups you call the Pennines and Noth Yorkshire Moors are able to cast a rain shadow at all. *snorts*

Anonymous said...

These transatlanticans have smart mouths on them.