26 Jul 2008

Rocky beach overhang community...(100th post)

Top, the hard shale beach with saw wrack (Fucus serratus with Spirorba borealis worms encrusted on their fronds) and in the overhang: barnacles (not up on barnacle species yet), dog whelk (white centre: Nucella lapillus), below it and to the right a periwinkle (Littorina sp.), lurking above and left of the whelk is the limpet Patella intermedia and the green seaweed Ulva lactuca lower right.

This little community was on what I call belemnite flats, here today as the late afternoon sun burned the mist away:

Called belemnite flats for obvious reasons:


Kevin Zelnio said...

Nice Nucella!

Congrats on #100!

Anonymous said...

I'd advise against getting too familiar with barnacle species: Darwin spent eight years at it, which even he thought was rather overdoing it.