19 Jun 2008

Spring tides over the next couple of days:

Fri 20th
05:41 5.15m High
12:03 1.34m Low
18:11 4.96m High
23:11 1.60m Low

Sat 21st
06:14 5.18m High
12:38 1.29m Low
18:47 4.95m High
00:48 1.62m Low

Assuming it is not tanking down, I shall tootle down to take pics of the water levels on Saturday for high tide at 6 am (wince) and low tide at midday, and too see if anything interesting is exposed by the very low tides - Laminaria digitata beds are occasionally exposed along with sandy beds normally below the low tide mark - this brings out fishermen who dig lugworm (Arenicola marina) for bait, so we may get a guest polychaete or two as well. Forecast is clouds and sun, wind north easterly force 2.

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