20 May 2008

British Dinosaur finds:

not by me, sadly. Dorset rather cheekily calls itself the Jurassic Coast, as though there are no other fossil-rich Jurassic coastal exposures in Britain. However, Dcrset inspired Mary Anning and most recently David Sole, a solicitor whose discovery of a Scelidosaurus is reported in the Daily Telegraph today. This is the second news of a big find that reached my lugs this week: the (also) Jurassic shale at Sandsend (3 miles north of Whitby, 6 south of Runswick Bay) has given up a big skull of a crocodile, and there are more bones to be had. The finder is being very cagey: not relating the exact location, although given that he cut the block out with a petrol disc-cutter it shouldn't be too hard to find.

I got this second hand, and asked it to be passed back to the finder that an expert eye should be brought in for quarrying the rest of the animal out: what surrounds and is mixed in with the bones may be of scientific interest, too.

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