20 Apr 2008

Manky spring.

According to weather oracle Philip Eden who runs weather-uk and climate-uk, this has been a very 'northerly' spring. The prevailing winds in Britain come from the south west, but for the last two springs the early part of the year has been charactized by prolonged periods of winds coming from the north, which Mr Eden says is a return to weather patterns of 20 years or more ago.

Northerlies means air dragged from the arctic: low temperatures, snow and rough seas - Runswick Bay is north-facing (scroll down and left a bit to see the whole Bay:
View Larger Mapso in northerlies can be an unpleasant place to be. Flat light so crappy photos, blue fingers, wet notebook and wrinkly field guide. However, its a couple of months since I've photographed the cliffs to see if there has been any noticeable erosion, and in two days its spring tides: I want to record the high and low water marks so I can work out how long various bits of the beach are submerged and exposed as the tide rises and falls. One day (midsummer - long days would be good) I'd like to photograph the beach hourly through a whole high-low-high 12 hour cycle and post it as a movie.

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