4 Feb 2008

Latest strange shape in the rocks.

It looks like a leaf, about 30 cm long and 7 cm wide, in jurassic sandstone, north of Runswick Bay. I am delighted to say that the experts are still baffled by my previous find. I am going to have to do some serious reading on sedimentary geology and palaeontology not to be looking at things and classifying them as 'strange stuff in rocks'. I thought this one was a keeper, but the boulder looked about two tonnes in weight. I was hungry, so I left it.

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Neil said...

Hmm...this one is strange. It really does have an "Ediacaran" look to it (a la Brian's guess about the last mystery fossil).

Given the age of the rocks however, I'm going to say it's the preserved impression of a cycad frond, though getting a plant to impress that deeply in a sandstone seems strange.

Here's another picture for comparison, though it sounds like your find is significantly larger than the one in the picture.