19 Jan 2008

Red seaweed and flustra (?) on sandstone boulders

Didn't have the field guide with me on this foray and will get IDs of the red algae next time, I'd hate to confuse a Plumeria with a Ptilota. I think the red seaweed at the margins is Chondrus crispus, and will take a flyer at the green being a Flustra (hornwrack). If anyone knows any better, leave a comment or email.


Richard Carter, FCD said...

Haven't a clue, but I seem to remember Charles Darwin did quite a bit with Flustra when at Edinburgh.

Cliff Thornton said...

Flustra is a bryozoan colony, whereas your specimen looks like a plant. Could it be the remains of Ascophyllum? This species likes a sheltered environment like RB. If so, then the red algae could be Polysiphonia which often grows epiphytically on Ascophyllum.