17 Dec 2007

Seaweed and littoral litter.

A sunny, cold, December Sunday, a completely deserted beach so time to have a walk and see what's on the beach: here saw wrack (Fucus serratus) amid torn up Laminaria digitata.
Bladder wrack: Fucus vesiculosus.
This was the day and the view (the suffering I go through for you...) and I decided to have a look at the flotsam seaweed (I have a microscope, at some time this blog will be going microscopic, and I'm interested in what microscopic critters shelter in seaweed) so I went and had a closer look...
Cack. Tangled up fishing monofilament line. I had a carrier bag in my rucksac and found a second on the beach, and wandering along the high tide line I collected all the fishing line and net I could find.
400 metres of collecting, two carrier bags full of filamentous crap.

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