17 Nov 2007

Seaweed around the high tide mark

Above: egg wrack (Ascophyllum nodosum)sharing a high-water sandstone boulder with limpets (Patella sp.) and barnacles (Cirripedia - Charles Darwin loved 'em).
The egg wrack is interspersed with saw wrack (Fucus serratus) and green algae which I haven't yet managed to identify. (Ok. I've lost my beach field guide, an no, Googling it just isn't the same. This is damp knees, on the beach, field guide stuff.)Context: the sandstone boulders on which these seaweeds live. They're high up the beach and spend a lot of time exposed when the tide falls (I'll do precise timings one day) and must be pretty resistant to dehydration.


Anonymous said...

The same thing is always happening to David Attenborough, I understand...great photos!

Cliff Thornton said...

The green algae on the stones at the top of the shore is Enteromorpha.